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OTG 2000 tk

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tk 1,000

Per month

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OTG 1500 tk

tk 1,200

Per month

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We have the best Fiber back to Home and Wireless internet service in town. We use high-tech equipment so that you have the best connection in your home or business.

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We are using DDoS Protection and cloud-based zero trust network security to safeguard against data breaches.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The answer depends on a few key factors related to how you or your family use the internet.

For a smaller household of 1-2 people, a 10 Mbps connection may be enough to do basic online activities. At the same time, a large household with multiple users may find that 40 Mbps or more is needed to handle all their online needs.

We are always ready to support you 24/7 via 01979191301 or queries to [email protected]

The internet speed test is based on real-time network conditions, which can change rapidly. As a result, tests taken within a few minutes of one another tend to vary, at least a little. Tests taken farther apart may differ even more, due to shifting network congestion and bandwidth availability.

SpeedLinks recommends running the test a few times at different points throughout the day to get a better understanding of fluctuations that occur at certain hours.

You will enjoy a buffer-less YouTube browsing experience so don’t worry about the speed!


No matter what your problem is, we will solve it with our highest priority and contact you ASAP for a personalized solution. After listening to the details, we will let you know the approximate time depending on if you require further physical support or virtual support.

Don’t feel hesitate to reach us via this mail address: [email protected] We will forward it to the required department to solve your queries.